'With the wind blowing freely'

Sketch & poem by Milla Crann, Jan 2021

With the wind blowing freely

Tough times are these - apart we all are,

And thoughts of shared smiles seem very afar;

I dream of days again to share,

With the wind blowing freely through our hair.

No colours bright, no scents uplift,

And thoughts so often shape & shift;

Sea stops her wave, still moments bear,

Though the wind blows freely, you're not there.

My heart it lifts with days that pass,

Each waking hour great plans amass;

Save sleepy thoughts, drowsed down by care,

In the wind blowing freely, you'll all be there.

Light shines ahead, sweet flowers to grow,

New dreams of love like seeds to sow;

Believe in times again we'll all share,

With the wind blowing freely, through our hair.

copyright Milla Crann 2021