'All That Glitters'

(Nov 2020)

I love the sea and my daily walks along the beautiful Ayrshire coast. I love painting en plein air as in this painting 'All that Glitters', trying to capture the sea in paint or pastel - it's colour, movement, mystery - is something I never get tired of trying to do. I like to create an impression of my subject and the moment I am in and to provoke feelings of delight in the looker.

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'Evening Light, Millport'

(Oct 2020)

Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae is one of my favourite places - I have holidayed there since being a wee girl, and continue to love taking my own family there too. I have a series Millport of paintings created over the years, and continue to add to this regularly.

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'In This Together'

(Jan 2021)

With the third lockdown weighing heavy on my mind, this - very uncharacteristic painting for me - just evolved. When I look at it, it's very interesting, as there appears to be a large, ominous, foreboding presence to the far left. All the other 'characters' (buildings) are tucked tight together - little lights of positivity flickering in the windows - but with one clean break in the chain of support.

Art can definitely subconsciously expresses our inner thoughts!

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Much of my work is available as prints in various sizes. I happily accept commissions and thoroughly enjoy the journey from concept of a client's artistic wish to fulfilment.


'Bedroom with a view, Millport'.

Jan 2021